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Flavor CRM helps you engage with leads and customers, get insights about your business, build a scalable sales process, and grow your business faster.

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Education Based
Customer Relationship Management System

Flavor will automate your daily operations and generate insightful reports. It’s easy & user-friendly. No credit card or commitments. We promise you’ll love it!

minimize your documents

Flavor CRM system can export doc and send important documents through the system itself.

follow client payments

Reminder system gives notifications to both staff and clients whose invoices are still unpaid.

Improve lead conversion

The system comes lead management module and really logically created to cater the lead management hassles of Ed-tech organizations.

shorter sales cycle

The system has been designed, keeping in mind the physical interactions that business have with their clients and replicate that online to make the sales cycle shorter.

automate repeating tasks

The system has been designed to save man hours that get lost in opening multiple apps for different operations.

saved to the cloud

No worries about buying a dedicated servers or storing backup in External Drives. our 24x7 powerful, highly secured servers will save it all.

improved customer retention

Retain your customer by getting reminder to follow up from the system to upsell your services.

web app integration

Flavor CRM becomes much more powerful when integrated with SMS, e-mail, call, HR software and accounting web apps like Twilio, Xero, Carbonate

Get The the perfect
financial and IMplementation plan

Frequently asked questions

Flavor will automate all your processes that start from getting a lead into your organisation and following up with them till they are converted into successful sale and also keep track of their journey during the period while they use your service too.

Yes , the app integration make Flavor CRM much more powerful. Through this flavor becomes a single web app that can be used  in sync with other apps for Calling, SMS, E-mail, Finance and HRM.

Flavor Cloud based system has been designed to run on desktop, tablets and smartphone browsers.

We live in a digital age that is actively developing web apps but for an individual or organization to subscribe different services to automate operations is really daunting and thus comes Flavor CRM that is an All In One Cloud Based CRM System

After your purchase, the technical team will connect with you and take in details of your organization, decide  on a format you’d want to follow, ask you for updating excel sheets with data and update them into the system. Your team will be trained from creating schedules and billing clients. 

The Flavor CRM can used for by anyone who want to keep track of their lead/client journey and charge their clients for the sessions they have with them. Ideal for Business coaches, Mentors, Teachers, Education Institutes, IT companies that give paid or unpaid training.

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