Make Up User Guide

Student Make Up Tab

This Tab allows users to see the list of Student Make-Up information and Actions like to Active,Inactive,View, And Remove etc. It also has a sample file as well as the export of the list of the students in different formats like csv,Excel and pdf ect. to download.

Student Make Up Filters

The Drop down boxes shown below are for filters. Users can search for students based on the below given criteria like Branch and Subsidiary etc.

Student Make Up Data

The grid is showing the list of  Student Make-Up List.The information like Student name, original class,original Date etc.Users can search also by typing any information in the search box.

Create Student Make Up Tab

Click on “Create class make up” tab then select the original class followed by the lesson date for which change is being done. Then select the other class to which the students have to be transferred. Finally, mark the students that have to be transferred from this class to another class and tap on save.

Class Make Up Tab

This Tab allows users to see the list of Class Make-Up information and Actions in View mode like Inactive, View and remove. Users can search for any information by typing in the search box.

Create Class Make Up

This tab transfers all or selected students from one class to another upcoming class.

Select ‘From Class’, ‘Class schedule’ and ‘To class’ fields to transfer. Users can select multiple or all students. Click the Save button to transfer.