Class Make Up Module User Guider

Student Make Up

This page shows all the students who have been rescheduled to a different class.

Create Student Make Up

Click on the “Create Student Make Up” tab then select the student name from database. Then fill in the details of that student’s original class and lesson date for which make up has to happen. After all these details are added then you have to select the replacement class in which you have to place the student.

Class Make-Up

The page shows the list of classes from which students have been shifted to another class.

Create Class Make Up

Click on “Create class make up” tab then select the original class followed by the lesson date for which change is being done. Then select the other class to which the students have to be transferred. Finally, mark the students that have to be transferred from this class to another class and tap on save.


The filters help in narrowing down the list as per the subsidiary company and its branch