Class Module User Guide

Class List

The list shows all the classes that have scheduled with your organisation.

Create Class

Click on “Create Class” Tab. Here you have to fill in the fields and then time slots for which the classes have to be created and assign teachers to those time slots.

Waiting Class List

This shows  all the classes that still have to be started.


Make use of filters to get the data as per subsidiary and its branches.

Action Buttons

Click on VIEW to get the details of that class. 

Click START CLASS so that class is activated

Click DELETE to remove a scheduled class; this button is only visible as long as there are no students enrolled to this class thus you will have to first remove students first to delete a schedule.

Class Name

Before scheduling classes you have to give names to the classes that take place within you organisation. To create class names you will have to select course type and course name that comes under that course type.

Course Name

Before creating class names you will have to define the courses that happen within your organization. For this you will have to first select the course type under which this course is supposed come under.

Course Type

The Course type are settings that have to be created for different courses or class names that must come under it. Flavor CRM can get you to supports 3 settings : 

  • Terms : You can set how many terms the course would have and how many lessons each course must have.
  • One Time Class: These are special classes like workshops that happen on specific dates only.
  • Perpetual Class:These are classes that keep on happening and students define their own start dates and end dates.