Archery Coaching

By Hawkeye
Duration: 2 hours/session
For: 5 sessions
Price: $600.00

Mandarin Lesson Level 3 by Hutong

We offer two Introductory Archery sessions. Our Range Session was designed to build confidence, ensure safety, and foster the enjoyment of archery in the novice archer. Our Olympic Style Skills and Drills Session is conducted with the use of training aids, and thus can be offered anywhere. Participants learn and practice Olympic style archery technique, and then are introduced to mental focus systems, goal setting and goal attainment in a fun and challenging atmosphere.
Beginner and Intermediate level lessons are taught in a safe, fun and rewarding environment. The focus is on the feel of good archery form and shot execution utilizing the BEST Method and incorporating regular feedback. The technical aspects of archery, physical conditioning, proper nutrition and mental focus systems are also introduced and developed.
An eight to twelve hour intensive course ideally suited to short term or seasonal archery programs. Course trains new instructors in safety, range set up, shooting form and how to instruct introductory classes. No experience is necessary. Certification is administered by the National Alliance for the Development of Archery and is renewable. Ideal for summer camp staff, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Minimum age is 15.
A sixteen hour intensive course suited to experienced archers. This course prepares instructors to teach begining level and intermediate level archers and to train and certify Basic Level Archery Instructors. Certification is through either the National Archery Association or the National Field Archery Association and is renewable. Membership in one of these associations is a requirement for certification. Minimum age is 18 years.
For advanced and elite archers. Learn how to overcome adversity using your strengths. Good shooting form, Biomechanics, strength & conditioning, nutrition and hydration, and mental focus systems are further developed. The BEST Method is highlighted. Training plans, goal setting and hard work are necessities.