Flavor CRM Dashboard User Guide

Below is the view of Dashboard when you login as SUPER ADMIN

The Dashboard will give summarized view of what is going within your operation and as per your role within the organization some cards will be visible and some will not be. Click on the topics below to know more about each card shown above

Leads Notification

All the new leads that come into the system and assigned to you for follow up will be updated into this card. 

Pending Leads

All the leads that still have status set us as “PENDING” will be displayed here

Teachers On Leave

This card lets you know who is on leave today so that you avoid scheduling them or assigning them today’s classes.

Outstanding Payment

All the alerts of unpaid invoices will come here till they are paid off. The settings to set up the days in advance you should get the alert is present below global settings.

Newly Registered Students

Student who recently been enrolled as regular students gets updated in here.

Upcoming Trial Students

Students whose trial classes are about the come are displayed here.


Scroll down to the end of the dashboard and click on personalization. This will allow users to add or remove cards which they want.

Class Schedules

Roster can see the calendar that shows the classes List on a Daily/Weekly/ Monthly basis.

Dashboard Module Video Tutorial