Per Month Per Branch

GET FLAVOR CRM FOR AS LOW AS $100 per month per branch

  • Pay as per branches in your organization
  • Unlike rest CRM Companies No need to pay for each new user added.


We charge a license fee of $100 per month for each branch that uses the Flavor EMS solution with minimal configurations.

We charge USD _______ per month each branch upto 4 branches and then its USD _______ till 10 branches. 

This plan is for business that have more than one company registered and want to access keep track of performance of all the branches under their subsidiary companies.

We charge a license fee of USD ________ per Subsidiary per month upto 5 branches and then its 

You are familiar with what we do and want us to add somethings that your business can make use of. Please contact sales departments to get more info on how we price for customizations.

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