Students Module User Guide​​

Student List Tab

This Tab allows users to see the list of students’ information and Actions like to view, Delete, Time table, Send an email, etc. It also has a sample file as well as the export of the list of the students in different formats like CSV,Excel, and pdf, etc. to download.


The Drop down boxes shown below are for filters. Users can search for students based on the below-given criteria like Branch, Status, Course type, etc.

Other Features

Below is the grid showing the list of students’ information. In the last columns, There are certain Action items like Edit the student info, Time table, View particular student, Delete student, Send an email, SMS and Payment Link.

You can also download a list of students in different formats like CSV, Excel, PDF etc. Users can also search by typing any information in the search box.

Add Student Tab

This Tab allows users to add new student entries in the system. This requires several pieces of information to be entered to add new students. The first Information is about Student’s Basic demographic information like Register Subsidiary, Register Branches, Student Name, Gender, Address, etc.

Parent/Guardian Section

The second Section is about Parent/Guardian. This asks Information like Name, Email, Phone of student’s Parent/Guardian.

School Information Section

The third section is about School Information. This asks information like Year, Level, Stream, Name of School.

Parent/Guardian List Tab

This tab allows users to view the list of Parent/Guardian. Users also can Search the Parent entry by typing any information in the Search box given in the top right corner. Users can download this list in any format like CSV, PDF, Excel, etc. Users can set the Column preference as they want by using ‘Column Visibility’.