Teacher Module User Guide

Teacher List Tab

This Tab allows users to see the list of Teachers information. In the image you can see the grid showing the list of Teachers information. In the last column, There are several Action items like Edit the Teacher info, Time table, View particular Teacher, and delete Teacher. Users can also search by typing any information in the search box.

Add Teacher Tab

This Tab allows users to add new Teacher entries in the system. This requires several pieces of information to be entered to add a new Teacher. The first Section is about Teacher’s Basic demographic information like Employee Code, First Name, Email, Address, Identity Number etc.

Commission Details Section

The second Section is about Commission Details like Commission type. User needs to select any one from the given option. You can create slabs as per which he should be paid number of students in the class.

Education Details Section

The third Section is about Education Details. This asks Education related Information of the teacher like College, University ,Master/Ph.D etc. The subfield also asks the Education name of school,major subject and education year date.